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ND Farm Management Education Program Frequently Asked Questions

To enroll in an ND Farm Management Education Program near you, contact one of the instructors here.

How to Enroll 

To enroll in one of the ND Farm Management Education Programs near you, contact one of the instructors here

What does it cost to enroll? 

The annual enrollment costs vary based on when the participant enrolls at either of the four community colleges or Glen Ullin High School.  On average, the personalized instruction costs $650 per year.

I don’t want my financial information to become public. Should I be concerned?

There is no need for concern in sharing information. All information and data collected are completely confidential. We will establish a relationship with your lender so information can be shared. Your analysis will be submitted for the purpose of publishing state and regional averages but will only be used as part of a group average. 

Is there assistance available for paying tuition? 

If you are interested in enrolling in the ND Farm Management Education Program, contact an instructor at a local participating community college or Glen Ullin High School to find out about grants/scholarships.

Who should enroll in the ND Farm Business Management Education Program? 

Our program has great value for all ages and situations. We have students from ages 18 to 70 and from 1st-year farms to well-established operations. It is all about understanding your farm or ranch’s financial situation and performance and helping you make better decisions.

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